Kiefer Sutherland UK Tour 2020

Kiefer Sutherland 2020 UK Tour Update

Already part of some of the biggest films of the 1980s, and in the genre-redefining series 24, Keifer Sutherland has turned his multi-talented eye to creating music, and making hits…. and hits he made! With a huge 2019 seeing Kiefer break into the UK Top 10 Music charts, the demand is almost as big as Kiefer’s love for performing live.

It’s been a surprise to some fans, coming from recent shows on Netflix like Designated Survivor or Quibi’s upcoming “The Fugitive” reboot, fans unfamliar with Kiefer’s music career have been asking the question “does Kiefer Sutherland have a band?”

… he does; what band is Kiefer Sutherland in? The best answer is to grab tickets and see the Kiefer Sutherland Band playing live…act fast, and grab tickets at your nearest venue as they’re selling out quickly. Wherever you see a location, just tap on it visit the event page, or tap here to see all live music tour dates because the band is currently on tour!

See Kiefer Sutherland Band touring the UK in 2020


The latest updates on Kiefer Sutherland touring UK in 2020 – tap on your nearest location to order tickets while they’re still available.


Having already lit up Ipswitch, Brighton, Blackburn and Nottingham, Kiefer Sutherland Band is touring the UK right now – bringing unforgettable nights of live music to :

What The Critics Are Saying

Speaking on Kiefer Sutherland playing CHALK, 21.02.20, Brighton and Hove News reports:

Of course there’s an encore. If there wasn’t, we might have a riot on our hands. From a personal perspective, there’s rarely any valid excuse to play the dreary pub rock standard, ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.’ However, if your father was cinematic icon Donald Sutherland, taking you to school during his long haired, bearded, leather jacketed “There you go again with those negative waves” phase, in a red Ferrari he won in a poker game, and the Dylan track was on heavy rotation on the car’s 8-track cartridge player, then you are totally, unequivocally excused. Please proceed. There are a few hundred people around me in little short of ecstasy. Just for good measure, Kiefer finishes the evening with the catchy ‘Agave’. The guitarists trade solos, the audience claps along, and everyone is very, very happy.

Kiefer Sutherland’s album Reckless & Me is available here. You can also find Kiefer’s social media pages on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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