Can’t Stay Away

Can't Stay Away
Kiefer Sutherland Band
Producer: Jude Cole
Number of discs: 1


“Can’t Stay Away” I find ironic. A couple of friends heard an early version, and told me how much they liked it. They asked ‘Who’s the girl?’ I told them it wasn’t a woman [I dated]. It was my older daughter. When I asked her about the song, she said, ‘That’s not about a girl, that’s about a bar up the street.’ I talk about that in the set. It’s not about a person, it’s about the time in my life when the bar felt like my girlfriend, which is not always a good thing. The song is me trying to explain that to myself.”


[Verse 1]
Walking in the wrong direction
Know I should be walking home
Smart enough to know much better
Ain’t tough enough to be alone
I can’t stay away

Got me wrapped around your finger
Pulling strings to play my heart
You fill the night with conversation
Then turn the daylight dark

Oh, I can’t stay away
Oh, I can’t stay away

[Verse 2]
There you go laughing at me
Watch my wheels fall off the track
Did you think I’d let you down
Did you think I’d get you baby
Off my back

I can feel your blood run through me
I’m standing on a mountain high
Sent to heaven on the devil’s wings
Couldn’t stop her if I tried

Oh, I can’t stay away
Oh, I can’t stay away