Designated Survivor – Will There Be Season 4?

David Guggenheim’s “Designated Survivor” featuring Kiefer Sutherland, equally beloved and in-demand, tells the story of Tom Kirkham, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Taking place in the United States, Kiefer’s performance, as is often the case, makes for some of the most compelling, intriguing and watchable (Netflix Binge anybody?) entertainment you can find. That is why the question about Season 4 is raised so often accross message boards, social media sites, and of course here at KieferSutherland.net. If you haven’t seen Season 1 or any other seasons just yet, rather than read on, why not head over and watch the trailer…come back and leave a comment, bookmark the page and enjoy the show.

Designated Spoilers Ahead

Finished season 3 of Designated Survivor yet?

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Designated Survivor Season 4….What You Need To Know

It’s been almost exactly a year (at time of writing) since Season 3 of Designated Survivor concluded…opening with Kirkham’s campaign for presidency in full effect, and seeing Kiefer deliver a sublime performance of a statesman, under pressure, diving into completely uncharted territory, fans were in for a treat. So much so that the sweet tooth simply hasn’t gone away;

After not attending the State Address, de la Unión becomes the sole survivor of an explosion that ended the lives of the President and all members of the Cabinet. After the dreadful explosion, Tom has to take his place as the President. But he does not realize that the attack is just the beginning of a more disastrous future.

The parallels between today’s political arrangement and the award-winning drama are undeniable, gripping and most of all; thrilling; at the season’s end, Kirkman is staring a moral dilema in the face – once which could potentially forge a continuation into Season 4… and beyond.

“smear tactics, debates, campaign finance, and fake news.”

Is There a 4th Instalment of Designated Survivor?

Is there a season 4 of designated survivor?

Designated Survivor…or fans eagerly awaiting a conclusive announcement? A strong argument can be made for both ????

Although Netflix has yet to make any announcements about the show’s renewal.. the potential in the plot of “Designated Survivor” simply cannot be denied.

Somewhat ironically, Netflix’s decision to drive forwards with Designated Survivor Season 3 was fuelled by the immense folllowing the show has garnered around the world. The planet is intrigued by Designated Survivor, and with Kiefer Sutherland at the helm, whatever questions exist, there’s always one definite answer, between his flourishing Music career, to the big screen, all the way to Netflix binges; you can be sure between Kiefer Sutherland Band to acting, there is a lot to look forward to!

Designated Survivor Season 4 – Your Thoughts

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