Armitage III

Armitage III

Armitage III

Armitage III  is a 1995 cyberpunk original video animation series. It centers on Naomi Armitage, a highly advanced “Type-III” android. In 1997, the series was edited into a film called Armitage: Poly-Matrix.

  • First Aired:  25th February 1995
  • Director:  Hiroyuki Ochi
  • Kiefer Sutherland:  Ross Sylibus

Kiefer’s Character

Ross Sylibus (ロス・シリバス Rosu Shiribasu)
Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani (OVA), Hikaru Hanada (Dual-Matrix) (Japanese); Skip Stellrecht (OVA, Dual-Matrix), Kiefer Sutherland (Poly-Matrix) (English)
A police officer who transferred to the Mars Police Department from Earth’s Chicago Police Department after an incident with a robot that left him crippled and his partner dead. He is only able to walk using a cybernetic leg. This incident is the cause for his disdain of robots. During his assignments with Armitage, he loses his arm as well, requiring another replacement cybernetic limb to be put in place. This causes him some grief, as he is slowly becoming what he hates the most. He soon falls in love with his new partner Naomi, enough so, he becomes a renegade cop in order to help her.
Years later, he changed his name to Kevin Oldman and lives with Armitage and their daughter, Yoko.

Armitage III – Polymatrix Trailer


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