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Kiefer’s new studio album, ‘Bloor Street’ is out now. Stream ‘Bloor Street’ in full and order the album on Vinyl, CD and a limited run of cassettes.

“Springsteen / Petty fans will find its whiskey-soaked Americana hard to resist.” – Record Collector

“Kiefer has pulled off the gearshift from Hollywood royalty to acclaimed singer-songwriter.” – Guitarist

“Kiefer Sutherland’s third album is set to cement his reputation as an accomplished musician.” 4/5 –  NARC.

“Kiefer Sutherland’s latest album is an absolute belter.” – Fireworks

“The musicianship is there in bucketloads no doubt about it…it his best LP to date.” 8/10 – Rock ‘n’ Load

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Kiefer Sutherland

Red Bank Whisky

Launched 2023

“So happy to be able to finally present RED BANK Whisky to you all, hope you enjoy it.” – Kiefer

Must be of legal drinking age.

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Live Music Reviews

Press from around the world

  • Sunday Mail Scotland *****
    “A proper musician & performer.”
  • The Guardian ****
    ``The action star’s whiskey-sodden country music set is genuinely poignant.``
  • Newcastle Chronicle *****
    “His words came across as honest and real, striking a chord with the audience. Sutherland has a great voice, with enough gravel for those country road-style meanderings and miles of depth for the emotional stuff.”
  • The Upcoming ****
    “With amusing anecdotes, great storytelling, and a gift for making people laugh, the actor shines with his blend of folk Americana.”
  • Rock N Load Magazine
    ``A very talented singer and songwriter of Country Music who kicks ass on other Hollywood part-time Rock wannabes.``
  • Daily Mail
    “Kiefer Sutherland has proven himself to be a man of many talents.”
  • The Scotsman
    “Convincing, charismatic, unapologetic & sentimental.”
  • Cryptic Rock
    “Sutherland is a truly passionate music lover and an accomplished musician. Sutherland is perfectly imperfect but with mountains of heart…”
  • Brighton & Hove News
    “Fulfilling his dream of becoming a rock god, and happily working hard at making yet another career successful, while remaining self-deprecating and grateful for any audience’s appreciation.”
  • Bournemouth Echo
    “An energetic and engaging performer…His band of drums, bass, guitar and accordion were all on top form and provided the solid platform that allows Kiefer to do his thing. And he does it pretty well.”
  • Norwich Evening News
    “A night that proved that it is possible to come from acting into music with success…KS proved to the crowds of The LCR last night that he is in fact a quality musician.”
  • Mancunian Matters
    “What’s on offer is a genuinely talented performer doing something he really loves, and doing it with earnestness and skill.”
  • Original Rock
    “Insightful, thoughtful and quite chilling too…The open road beckons my friends, let’s ride!”
  • Daily Mail Scotland
    “Sutherland did not disappoint…Hail to the Kief.”
  • My Global Mind
    ``This is a man who deserves to be as successful at music as he is at acting. If only all actors could look to Kiefer to see how it should be done…``
  • Louder Than War
    ``If you like Americana and movie stars, Kiefer is as wholesome as apple pie and ice cream and well worth the price of a ticket.``
  • Glasgow Guardian
    ``Raw, vulnerable, and exposed.``
  • The Metro
    “You know he has what it takes onstage.”
  • Brum Live
    ``Kudos to Kiefer’s songwriting....you cannot question his commitment to music making,... Kiefer approaches the gig with humility giving a superbly tight and energetic display of musical talent.``
  • Get To The Front
    This man is serious about his music...The songs are really good, delivered with sincerity and it was obvious that Kiefer, like the crowd, was having a ball.``
  • The I Newspaper ****
    ``An entertaining, enjoyable evening of bluesy, rootsy country shenanigans...Sutherland is in fine fettle.``
  • String Island
    ``It was clear that Kiefer’s new music career was preceded by years of musical passion...It was fair to say that the performance equalled, if not excelled the studio recordings.``
  • At The Barrier
    ``Based on this night, no one wants Sutherland to stop making music. Kiefer Sutherland is made for music.``
  • Original Rock
    ``This music is in his blood. ...a triumphant night for the star.``
  • On Magazine
    ``Sutherland really does appear to be every bit the natural performer...his raw talent and on-stage presence is to be applauded.``
  • The York Press
    “Here was Sutherland, singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist and storyteller, revelling in a live performance…He had his Barbican crowd on their feet from the start... This is no mere mid-life vanity project for Sutherland.”
  • Dorset Echo
    “Sutherland is already known as a film and TV star and producer. However the rodeo rider proved he is entitled to add singer/songwriter to that list.”
  • The Northern Echo
    “Sutherland delivered a first class set”
  • The Upcoming
    ``Kiefer Sutherland proves his musical prowess with a memorable set at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire...magnetic...an exuberant end to the tour.``
  • The Guardian
    ``The action star’s whiskey-sodden country music set is genuinely poignant. He puts other Hollywood hobby acts to shame.``
  • Daily Mail
    “Kiefer Sutherland has proven himself to be a man of many talents.”
  • The Guardian
    “An enjoyable ride.”
  • The Aquarian
    ``This was not Jack Bauer, President Tom Kirkman, or any of the other characters Sutherland has portrayed, this was a non-fiction Kiefer Sutherland, candid and for real.”
  • Elmone Magazine
    ``This man has talent oozing out his pores, and can actually sing!...he played his heart out and every single person in the audience hung on every word.”
  • The Country Note
    ``On screen and definitely on stage, Kiefer Sutherland is one amazing storyteller who gives his fans 100+% every time.”
  • The Morning Call
    ``If you could have erased all of Kiefer Sutherland’s award-winning TV and film acting credentials before watching him perform in concert, his show still would have been worthy of praise.``
  • Rockview Line
    “Kiefer Sutherland is not only an amazing actor, he is one hell of a musician as well.``
  • Evening News 24
    ``It is possible to come from acting into music with success – proven by the volume of people that turned up to his show and sang and cheered all night long.``
  • Somerset Live - Glastonbury
    ``He played the Avalon stage as Barry Gibb, Haim, Shaggy and The Killers were performing but still pulled a huge crowd to one of the smaller stages.``
  • On Magazine
    ``Sutherland really does appear to be every bit the natural performer...his raw talent and on-stage presence is to be applauded.``